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Let's understand Lenticular Printing Technology

Lenticular print combines a clear plastic lenticular lens mounted with specially prepared graphics (interlaced images) printed on paper.

When viewed from different angles, different areas under the lens are reflected to the viewer.

Views are arranged under the lens so that each eye is projected a different view.

  1. To create the illusion of depth and motion in lenticular printing, the original images are divided into narrow strips and then interlaced to form a single, composite image using specialized software.

  2. After the interlacing process is complete, the resulting image is printed onto paper and then laminated with the lenticular lens to create the final lenticular print.

  3. The lenticular lens serves to isolate and amplify the interlaced image printed underneath it, allowing only one of the original images to be visible at any given angle or orientation.



It is an effective way to catch people's attention. The motion and 3D effects are eye-catching and hard to ignore, making it ideal for marketing materials, packaging, and other applications where you want to stand out.


It can make your brand or message more memorable by creating a unique visual experience. The 3D and motion effects are more engaging than a static image, making it easier for people to remember your product or advertisement..


Lenticular printing can produce a variety of effects beyond just 3D and motion, including morphing, zooming, and flipping. This creates many creative possibilities for using lenticular printing to convey your message or tell your brand story.


Lenticular printing can be used for a wide variety of applications, from business cards and postcards to signage and trade show displays. It can also be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising, marketing, packaging, and education etc.


LETIKART provides 3D Lenticular Printing services, which can be used greatly in marketing, promotion, branding and packing instead of using traditional print medium. Lenticular printing is new & can revolutionaries the packaging industry & can surely give your product/campaign extra edge over your competitors to get you noticed. CONTACT US

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